Monday, January 22, 2007

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: January 19-21, 2007

Greetings from Brisbane – Cyndy, my cohort in crime, and I bailed out of Geriatric Central after lunch for a bus ride from Murgon to Brisbane for the weekend.

Brisbane is a wonderful city – Cindy had a leisurely day – sleeping and shopping. We met up for dinner at a nice restaurant in The Casino Saturday evening. I spent the day walking around the city and River bank and then spend a couple hours in the city's Botanical Gardens – about 40 acres. It was the original site for a food garden planted for the first settlers of the Moreton Bay Penal Colony established in the early 1800's.

Over the years many exotic plants and trees were planted to experiment what would grow in this tropical climate. It is beautifully laid out with expansive lawns, variety of trees, and a thick rainforest area. I found a delightful Café in the center and enjoyed a delicious healthy salad (photo) and some "vino collapso."

After lunch, I wandered around some more and ended down the Brisbane River bank walking along the path back toward Center City. There was a nice breeze coming off the river and temps in the 80's so it was quite pleasant. The city reminds me of Portland, OR though on a little larger scale – very manageable. By the way – a little city detail tid-bit: Prostitution is legalized in Australia with "licensed" government controlled brothels!!! NO I DIDN'T PARTAKE!!!!

We have planned a lunch cruise on a river boat today (Sun) to see the sights of The Brisbane River returning around 2PM in time to pick up our bus ride back to reality in Murgon (Cherbourg) – However, the really is that we only have 4 days left as next Friday is a National holiday – Australia Day (our Independence Day), and there will be no work to accomplish in the Community sooooooo we can leave that day if we wish instead of Saturday. YES!!!! For Cyndy and me, working at the Medical Center has been fun and rewarding and an easy time for us – all the staff – Aboriginal and Whites are delighted that we are there and thrilled at the work we are helping them with. It is a very welcoming and positive work site. I am hoping perhaps to go on some home visits with the nurses this coming week.

As an aside, The Indigenous Peoples do not recognize Australia Day - they call it "Invasion Day" and promote protest marches against the celebrations and parades that the white Australians put on. Should be an interesting experience as we will be back in Brisbane on that Friday.

Photos: Some of the Medical Center staff joined us for dinner – photo of Brisbane River and Gardens – (being in the heat of summer & drought – not a lot of flowering plants in this season – but can imagine it is gorgeous in The Spring & Fall


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