Monday, January 08, 2007

Australia Update 01/05/07

Greetings from Brisbane!! My goodness it really is a long way over here – Including the flight from Bar Harbor to Portland, OR and then on to San Francisco – Sydney to Brisbane – I have flown over 23 hours, traveling 10,640 miles, my body-clock reeling from an 18 hour time change from the West Coast, AND Wednesday, Jan 3 rd simply disappeared!! PHEW However, it is mostly sunny and in the low 70's with frequent quick but soaking tropical showers passing through.

I am learning quickly that not only do folks drive on the left but they usually walk on the left side of the street. Needless to say, I have had a few close encounters venturing out today. The hotel where I am staying is right on the river ( Brisbane River) with lots of traffic of all types: "cat" ferries, sail and power boats. Breakfast this morning was quite civilized sitting out taking in the sites – might as well while I can!!

I did some last minute important shopping (M & M's and peanut butter) at the Queen Street Mall – biggest place I've ever been to. It occupies two full city blocks with 175+ stores and 40+ restaurants and "pubs"!! Maybe I can get a beer. The population is exploding and there is a great deal of building construction – clearly the appeal is the temperate climate except for increasing Summer heat for a month or so.

I am off tomorrow morning (Saturday for me) to meet the rest of the team and our leader "Kaz" at the airport. Kaz is Global Volunteer's "Country Manager" and an experienced leader. My friend, Marty, our Leader in The Cook Islands speaks highly of her and I look forward to working with her.

So…that's all for now – next stop Cherbourg – near the cattle town of Murgon, NW of Brisbane if you look at a map of Queensland. I am well and excited as another adventure unfolds…….Cheers, Jimmy


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